The Producers

lozenge shaped profile copyProducer and Project Leader: Adrienne Ghaly 

This project started with a small technology incubator grant for me and two of my colleagues in the College Fellows, Ted Coffey and Mona Kasra, to create some “how to” podcasts for each of our first-year classes. I designed mine to help students get to grips with unfamiliar texts and objects: to walk through how to approach and think rigorously about them. I was delighted by the response, both from my students, and from other College Fellows. Alison and Liza were early and vocal supporters who came aboard as co-producers to grow the project into a shared resource spanning College Fellow faculty from across Arts & Sciences. Each Audio Fellow has contributed their best ideas for what incoming students need to know to meet the challenges of, and realize the possibilities for, different ways of thinking they will encounter.

Levine Headshot Cropped for ProducersProducer: Alison Levine

I have been inspired and humbled by the excellence of my faculty colleagues at the University of Virginia. The College Fellows program provided an opportunity for intellectual exchange and conversation with people in many different fields far beyond my own. My thinking and teaching have been enriched by those conversations. The podcasts were Adrienne’s idea, but I immediately saw their value for my class and its potential for use in other classes, so I jumped on board. I wanted my students to hear not just what I had to offer, but also what Ted Coffey had to say about art; what Kelsey Johnson had to say about extraterrestrial life; what Jack Chen had to say about writing. These podcasts are a way of capturing some of the inspirational spirit of the new curriculum faculty, and of sharing it with other students besides those who were lucky enough to take their classes. Each College Fellow spends two years in the program:  it’s my hope that each one will leave their best idea behind in a podcast, as a gift for students and faculty to come.

Flood head shot RESIZEDProducer: Liza Flood

This is an exciting time to be in higher education. Emerging research about how people learn has opened the floodgates for innovative teaching strategies. I was immediately enthusiastic about the College Fellows Audio Library because it answers the widespread call for scholars to try new approaches in the college classroom. As an ethnomusicologist and a musician, I am compelled by the possibilities of sonic learning tools: how they can translate; how they can clarify; how they can occupy space; how they can draw in students who might otherwise turn away. Writing for this project felt like transposing a piece into a better key. Words had to be not only accurate, but also aesthetically satisfying. While editing or in the recording studio, I picture a student walking across the Lawn listening to one of our podcasts on headphones as a reminder of the importance of artfulness in conveying ideas. How do we make ourselves worth listening to? 

Chase Browning Headshot RESIZEDAudio Editor: Chase Browning